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Accompanying eventStudent Forum
25. Jun
90 min.

Olivér Hegyi is a Budapest based animation director. He graduated in MOME in 2017, his graduation film ‚Take me please‘ was premiered in Annecy. His first professional animated short was ‚Garden of heart‘ premiered in Zagreb Animafest. It won the prize for the best animated short at PÖFF, Tallinn. He is currently developing an online animated series.

The Student Forum programme is only for invited participants with the exceptions of the following events which are open to the accredited public. Please note that in order to take part in the following events, you need to stay for their whole duration. Doors will close 5 minutes before the starting time.

student forum
Program for children
25. Jun
Nina and the Hedgehog's Secret
Director(s): Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup FelicioliFR, LU77 min.2023

10-year-old Nina has always filled her imagination with her dad’s hedgehog diverting stories. But when he loses his job, Nina starts to worry about the future of her family. After hearing rumors of a treasure hidden by the old factory’s boss, Nina and her best friend Mehdi decide to organize a risky hold-up, to share the swag between her father and his fellow co-workers. A crazy adventure begins…

485 seats available
Accompanying eventStudent Forum
25. Jun
90 min.

Screening of student’s films followed by a discussion.

About The Animation and Film Studio at UMPRUM: The Animation and Film Studio offers students a platform for experimentation and pushing the boundaries of animation. The Academy’s fundamental principle is an individual approach to students. The aim is to support talent and develop creative skills, while emphasizing original independent thinking about society and nurturing collective responsibility for our environment. According to the QS World University Rankings, UMPRUM is the only college from a post-communist country that is ranked among Europe’s most prestigious art schools.

The Department of Graphic Design (where the Animation and Film Studio is based) provides an open learning system. Its high-quality tutorial staff and technical facilities make the studios unique laboratories and meeting places where students can develop their creative skills.

The Student Forum programme is only for invited participants with the exceptions of the following events which are open to the accredited public. Please note that in order to take part in the following events, you need to stay for their whole duration. Doors will close 5 minutes before the starting time.

student forum
Film blockThematic Sections
25. Jun
66 min.

Best of Fest Anča 2023 is a collection of award-winning short animated films from the previous edition of the Fest Anča International Animation Festival. The jury of international guests awarded prizes in four categories. The section includes the best of short animation, student films, music videos and films for children.

Slovak subtitles

Director(s): Lena von Döhren, Eva RustCH9 min.2023

One small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. With the help of the sea creatures there, he stands up to a hungry seagull.

My Name is Edgar and I Have a Cow
Director(s): Filip DiviakCZ, SK8 min.2023

Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse. He takes it home after finding out that the calf would become a schnitzel.

Director(s): Adela KrižovenskáCZ6 min.2023

Doubt is a short animated essay, which through voices of four different authors from various fields of art, the film describes all stages of creative process.

Mariupol. A Hundred Nights
Director(s): Sofija MelnikUA, DE7 min.2023

It is a story of a little girl, who wakes up on 24 February 2022 because of the air alert and tries to find someone living in the burning city. The main character is based on the story of Alice, a 4-year-old girl, who stayed in the blocked Mariupol during the first months of Russian invasion.

No Lullaby
Director(s): Ezequiel TorresAR4 min.2022

A girl tries to go back home with her little brother while she protects him from this wild imagination.

Director(s): Bruno QuastEE6 min.2021

Bernie Krause's niche theory is that an animal's voice evolved in a way to occupy its own little, unique acoustic slot within a whole soundscape, a puzzle piece in the whole puzzle, to be distinguishable in the mess.

Director(s): Youri OrekhoffBE7 min.2021

Kind of an illegal sleepover, a clumsy burglary, two best friends and sharp nails.

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket
Director(s): Yoko YukiJP7 min.2022

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they're actually watching me. A charming animation rhyme that weaves together the many days of observing, recording, and experimenting.

Director(s): Elodie DermangeCH12 min.2022

Elodie tries to find out more about her family’s Armenian origins. She interviews her father, her uncle, her great aunt, and discovers a harsh history where violence and the inability to express love are passed down from generation to generation.

52 seats available
Feature Films
25. Jun
Unicorn Wars
Director(s): Alberto VázquezES, FR92 min.2022

In "Unicorn Wars," a teddy bear army trains young soldiers to fight against unicorns endangering their existence. Brothers Bluey and Tubby lead inexperienced recruits on a perilous mission to protect their forest home. Drawing from "Apocalypse Now" and "Bambi," this antiwar, eco-friendly fable explores the ancestral conflict between teddy bears and unicorns.

483 seats available
Accompanying eventStudent Forum
26. Jun
90 min.

Screening of student’s films followed by a discussion.

About Lusófona: Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal, has three animation programmes in its Film and Media Arts Department:

  • bachelor in Digital Animation, which focuses on learning various techniques of animation cinema and their application in fictional, documentary and experimental contexts through animation tests and films;
  • master's degree in Animation Arts, which focuses on creativity and experimentation mixing animation and other forms of artistic expression, both in short films and expanded animation projects;
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree, Re:Anima, with the Luca School of Arts (Genk, Belgium) and Aalto University (Espoo, Finland), which explores fiction, documentary and VR in the context of animation.

The Student Forum programme is only for invited participants with the exceptions of the following events which are open to the accredited public. Please note that in order to take part in the following events, you need to stay for their whole duration. Doors will close 5 minutes before the starting time.

student forum
Program for children
26. Jun
Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light
Director(s): Filip PošivačSK, CZ, HU82 min.2023

Eleven-year-old Tony has a unique feature he was born with - he glows. He spends his days at home in his blanket bunker and dreams about having a friend. Before Christmas, a peculiar girl named Shelly moves into his house and turns his world upside down. Together, they embark on an adventurous search for the origin of the mysterious tufts of darkness which suck the sunshine out of their house.

486 seats available
Accompanying eventOff-program
26. Jun
7200 min.

__ // devaluated, declassified materials, the dull provides an outlet for the textual and poetic intent // the neutrality of the bleached background, the few scratches on scraps of recycled material, allow the black line to exist unhindered // texts and words that are usually only seen inside of books, or surely more noble media, are breathing in their most brutal, unadorned form // discarded words, spitted out feelings, emotional violation, these intimate reflections call out to the everyday // the pictorial vocabulary illustrates internal debates, that are as vulnerable just as they are unruly, they speak of the inner-self // these pieces are therefore in-situ, the technique of graffiti is deprived of its usual locale, the public space // a work of documentation that harvests the exterior and the self, the process takes care of mistakes// unless useless consumes the being to create the artwork //__ The artist is working as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer at the Stanica and New Synagogue cultural centres.

free entry
Accompanying eventOff-program
26. Jun
7200 min.

At the outskirts of our consciousness there is a thin line reflecting the impulses emerging from ordinary days. These are preserved in the far places of our mind by the intricate path of our nerve endings. Flashes of these millisecond stimuli are occasionally picked up by my retina. That's when I remember these images. But the impulses capturing the last four years have been drastic. Pandemics, war, polarization of society and getting lost in information overload. A complete nightmare. And all this during the "most beautiful period of woman's life" - motherhood.

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Feature Films
26. Jun
Director(s): Dash ShawUS95 min.2021

An animated feature about a zoo that rescues and houses mythological creatures. As cryptozookeepers struggle to capture a baku (a legendary dream-eating hybrid creature) they begin to question whether they should house these rare beings in the confines of a zoo, or if they should remain hidden and unknown.

482 seats available
Accompanying eventOff-program
26. Jun
90 min.

Tucano Urbano, also known as Filip Smith, will present a selection of sped-up Jersey Club rhythms, UKG, and tropical-trance trap music. The intense hour and a half will be full of ups and downs that won't let you sit down.

Free entry for cinepass and accreditation holders. Tickets are not sold.
Film blockInternational Competition of Shorts
27. Jun
88 min.

Don’t miss the first section of the international competition if you’re curious about a dolphin in an open relationship with fifteen inflatable animals or an elephant that all adults avoid. As well as those two characters, the first section dives into an underwater world where you’ll be captivated by the sweet, enchanting voices of sirens. And a mouse lurking in your home’s dusty shadows is ready to haunt you like a nightmare.

Slovak and English subtitles

Ahoj leto
Director(s): Martin Smatana, Veronika ZacharováSK11 min.2024

Sea, sun, beaches and family holidays.But what if the hotel isn't as stellar as promised, your room has a bit of a naughty view, the dinner is surprisingly exotic and your luggage travels elsewhere?

Director(s): Zhen LiUS7 min.2022

a crush gone moldy...

Director(s): Lucie GrannecFR9 min.2022

A dolphin in free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a band of animals adept at firearms… Different portraits, existing, of members of the Furry community, lovers and enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals.

I Smell a Mouse
Director(s): Iiti Yli-HarjaFI17 min.2024

A documentary puppet animation about Iiti’s moving in day. Like a sign from the universe for her poor life choices, there seems to be a nightmarish mouse lurking in the shadows of her new home.

Shape of the Elephant
Director(s): Sam KuwaJP8 min.2023

There was an elephant living in my house, but all the adults were avoiding it. The elephant kept changing its shape and grew up with me.

Director(s): Julia JesionekDE7 min.2024

In a colorful chaos of ambivalence and brushstrokes, the protagonist embarks on her journey in search of reliable truths. When she encounters her alter-ego, she realizes that she cannot even trust her own reflection – in fact – especially not her.

Martyr's Guidebook
Director(s): Maksymilian RzontkowskiPL9 min.2023

From nabbing the smallest slice of cake in grade school to guiding lost strangers in the city, Tony's kindness knows no bounds. He also shares a flat with a giant Angel.

La Voix des Sirènes
Director(s): Gianluigi ToccafondoFR, IT20 min.2023

In the heart of the seabed, between rocks and corals primitive seaweed ripples, cradled by the muffled sound of roiling currents. Up there, on the surface of the water, something extraordinary has just appeared: a voice.

290 seats available
Accompanying eventStudent Forum
27. Jun
90 min.

Screening of student’s films followed by a discussion.

The Animation and Interactivity (AI) department at UNATC, Bucharest, established in 2019, pioneers artistic education in theatre and film. It trains professionals in cinematic narrative and new technologies, emphasizing teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Animation BA: This three-year programme covers 2D and 3D animation, AR, and VR. Students learn animation techniques, character/world-building, and storytelling. They create three-to-five minute animated short films for their thesis. The department has nine students per year, expanding to 12.

Animation Film MA: This two-year programme focuses on author film directing. Students explore original concepts and master animated film production. Each year, three students complete a theoretical paper and a five-to-seven minute short film, emphasizing visual impact and emotion.

The department collaborates with ANIMEST IAFF, offering residency programmes and workshops. Our English study programmes include Master Interactive Technologies and Art of Game Design.

AI adapts teaching to meet students' needs in cultural industries. The faculty’s specialists guide students to cultivate their artistic creations for successful careers.

The Student Forum programme is only for invited participants with the exceptions of the following events which are open to the accredited public. Please note that in order to take part in the following events, you need to stay for their whole duration. Doors will close 5 minutes before the starting time.

student forum
Film blockInternational Competition of Music Videos
27. Jun
49 min.

The International Competition of Music Videos returns with lots of must-see animated and musical highlights. In the first section, you’ll find yourself in places like Prezident Lourajder’s amusement park or a Berlin neighbourhood where five friends navigate the surreal twists and turns of growing up. The journey continues with a music video about conjuring a malevolent giant worm, and a story drawing inspiration from a mythical tale from Dorset.

Cosmo Sheldrake - Stop The Music
Director(s): Weronika Anna MariannaNL3 min.2024

Hand painted animated music video for Cosmo Sheldrake's song Stop The Music.

Cassels - About Not Writing
Director(s): Michal MikušSK4 min.2023

This song was created during Covid era when a human was trapped in his home, with no inputs to add to his creativity. Animation is about this person who during his depressive episode creates a lot of mess around him.

I Inside the Old I Dying
Director(s): Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal LeónCL3 min.2023

This song seemed to us something primal, something that arose from the earth. We listen to it over and over again. So, we came up with a story inspired by a Dorset tale: a mythical story, raw and brutal, but also soft and kind.

Kind of Morning
Director(s): Clara Franciosi, Valentine Vendroux, Salomé HammannFR4 min.2023

A tired docker heading home after a hard night’s work comes across a postcard which rekindles his passion for the US. Guided by three sprightly birds he embarks on a once in a lifetime road trip and journey of self-discovery across the States.

Director(s): Mattis Dovier, Yoann DovierFR2 min.2023

During a performance in the Moscow underground, the group IC3PEAK invoked an evil entity: Kim Dracula, in the form of a giant worm.

Harajyuku Boy
Director(s): Honami YanoJP5 min.2023

The streets of Harajuku in Japan are overflowing with “Kawaii”, a chaotic yet pure and unadulterated youthfulness, and as I walked the streets of Harajuku several times for making this music video, I wondered what the "love" in this “Harajuku” would look like visually.

DJ Piper - RIP TXL
Director(s): Raman DjafariDE4 min.2023

Five friends, growing up in Berlin Spandau, experience the surreality of adolesence, with all its magic, emotion and adventure.

Horizonte de sucesos
Director(s): Pablo BallarínES3 min.2023

Music video for Tiburona.

I Gotta Cry
Director(s): Francesca ColombaraIT3 min.2022

Music video for Rick Flair - I Gotta Cry (prod. Klaus Layer) "Two thieves steal the flying mushrooms and run through the desert, riding a giant camel"

Director(s): Lu LiCN6 min.2023

The Journey of a Lifetime

Director(s): Facundo Quiroga, Sebastían García, Juan NodalinoAR4 min.2023

Atómica starts a journey to discover the origin of the deterioration that affects the great tree in which she lives. After traveling through diverse landscapes of a fictitious world, she finds a group of beings, the anthropomorphs, who are consuming wildly everything in their path.

Prezident Lourajder - Lunapark
Director(s): Matej MihályiSK4 min.2023

Music video for Prezident Lourajder.

Je Pars
Director(s): Michelle BrandDE4 min.2023

As the night comes, the journey begins. Running rushing, racing. Unbound from time and swept away by the night’s surreal cascade of lights, we leave day-life behind.

295 seats available
Film blockFocus
27. Jun
72 min.

What laws govern Slimbuttlandia and Hamsterland? What can rabbit blood be used for? Could AI ascend to godhood? These questions and others will be answered in the third section of films about nightmares – focusing on cults, rituals, myths, and faith. Prepare for the unexpected: from a woman with perpetually growing fingers to a Catholic priest afflicted by a strange disease. This section includes a pre-recorded interview with anthropologist Peter Maňo.

Slovak and English subtitles

Money and Happiness
Director(s): Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak JrRS10 min.2022

The hamsters live and work in Hamsterland, a perfect state with a perfect economy. The GDP grows steadily, there is no unemployment, and 100% of the population declare themselves to be happy.

Director(s): Agáta BolaňosováSK5 min.2018

Night. At the pedestrian crossing, a line of characters is waiting to cross to the other side. But some have been waiting much longer than others...

Hot Dog Hands
Director(s): Matt ReynoldsUS7 min.2017

This woman can't stop growing fingers.

Director(s): Erik SvetoftSE8 min.2019

Two animals trying to entertain at a forest zoo get humiliated and decide to run away in search of freedom. At the same time a mysterious shadow haunts the countryside and a national symbol becomes an idol of worship. A short film about national identity, freedom, climate and dancing animals.

My Fat Arse and I
Director(s): Yelyzaveta PysmakPL10 min.2020

One morning, a girl struggles to zip up a new pair of pants, feeling dismayed at her appearance in the mirror. She decides to embark on a strict diet, cutting out sweets and sodas for water with lemon. While successful in losing weight, she loses joy in life, becoming almost like a zombie fixated on the fridge at night. Eventually, she receives an invitation from the Angel of United Bitches of Slimbuttlandia for a royal ceremony. Questions arise about the nature of this kingdom, its angels, and whether there's a way back if things go awry.

Rabbit's Blood
Director(s): Sarina NiheiUK5 min.2017

An enigmatic and violent beginning. A rabbit that runs away, a girl who pursues him, and nothing to do with Alice or a country of wonders.

Flesh of God
Director(s): Patricio PlazaAR, MX21 min.2022

During Mexico's colonial period, an ailing Spanish priest will have to endure in his own body the native rituals that he has been hunting down.

Aeons Ark
Director(s): Sophie VickersUK6 min.2022

A futuristic flood epic which depicts the destruction of a future world by a momentous flood.

55 seats available