Film blockInternational Competition of Short Animated Films
29. Jun
International Competition of Short Animated Films 1
76 min.

The best animated short films from around the world compete for the Anča Award. The first international competition block includes films about the journey of a prosthesis, the loss of loved ones, and finding identity. Join this mysterious journey that will take you to a luxurious world of unfulfilled dreams and nostalgia, and an underground hazardous world. The section contains films from both professionals and students.

Damn Rain!
Director(s): Lola DegoveFR4 min.2022

Gaby, Zoé, Sarah and Kenza are 16 years old and inseparable. One evening, they come inside soaked to the skin.

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket
Director(s): Yoko YukiJP7 min.2022

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they're actually watching me. A charming animation rhyme that weaves together the many days of observing, recording, and experimenting.

artifacts of you, artifacts of me.
Director(s): Brecht De CockBE9 min.2022

This intensely personal film deals with the universal topic of loss in a way that shows the power of contemporary artist animation and pushes the medium to its limits, by mixing computer animation and with original and archival footage.

Director(s): Serghei ChivirigaRO13 min.2022

Confused by the whole world and his own body, a teenager is forced to discover in a strange way the truth about his sexual identity by confronting his other half.

Director(s): Felipe BolivarFR9 min.2022

A man gets trapped underground, injured and forced to remain motionless, he only has his cell phone to kill time. It doesn't take long for him to realize that he is not alone.

Director(s): Paulina ZiółkowskaPL8 min.2021

3 generations, 3 narrations, 3 different points of view. A dance of generations.

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love
Director(s): Gabriel Gabriel GarbleSE9 min.2022

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from an immense loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day.

The Sunset Special
Director(s): Nicolas GebbeDE17 min.2021

A secluded beach location, the perfect partner, the most exclusive Hotel: It is the life of your dreams. Join an eerie trip into the luxurious world of unfulfilled dreams, nostalgia, desire and catch a unique glimpse through the polished fassades of the reality distorting imagery of social media.

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Film blockInternational Competition of Music Videos
29. Jun
International Competition of Music Videos 1
49 min.

A competition of animated music videos from around the world, created in the last two years. In the first block you’ll see a clip about a cell phone experiencing the hardships of ordinary people, and one about the love between a vegan protester and a hotdog stand worker. The section presents diversity in animation and music. Look forward to an eclectic ode to cats, and a clip that shows what happens when you drive with eyes closed.

Avalanche Kaito - TOULELE
Director(s): Simon BreeveldBE4 min.2022

A silhouette lives her last moments on the cold paving stones of Brussels. Just before returning to the earth, his mind wanders in a fantasized and distorted universe that mixes Burkina Faso and Belgium.

Director(s): Melinda KádárFR4 min.2022

Somewhere in a secret fold of the world, a girl-plant inhabited by joyful thoughts draws from the dark cave of her heart whimsical little pink horses animated by a childlike and pure joy. When her flying eyes meet an erupting volcano, their tears adorn her body with the joy of the moment.

Glitter Electron
Director(s): Chihiro Sato, Takaaki Numa and EJP6 min.2022

This film is a glitter storm of pleasant and strange visual images and electronic sounds on the theme of electricity, which is the driving force of modern civilization.

Miranda! - El arte de recuperarte
Director(s): Dante ZaballaAR3 min.2022

I’m missing you on a summer night.

Be Gone
Director(s): Sijia LuoCN4 min.2022

Music animation for the song "Be Gone” by electronicore band KNIVESRAIN. By exploring the possibilities of combining AI-generated content with hand-drawn 2D animation, it tells a story of a mobile phone that experiences the plight of modern people in a serendipitous epiphany, learning what it means to be human between life and death.

Until Exhaustion
Director(s): Magdalena HejzlarováCZ4 min.2021

First, the growth seems unlimited, we expand. Then a peak comes. Then we break apart and vanish and again and again. It is the game of life.

How Many
Director(s): Bianca ScaliDE3 min.2021

Mathieu is weighed down by many questions which put him in a heavy state. But as he gives in to his sadness, the rain becomes tears and his tears become rain. He becomes one with his sadness. It's his time to dance, and the tears accompany him.

Director(s): Thomas Leung Yu Ho, Cathy Fung Po Yi, Parco Wong Lok HangHK3 min.2021

The fabric of reality is as thin as the invisible layer of cat fur that lies on top of every cat owner's house's floor. When it is inevitably disturbed, reality breaks in response. The supremacy of cats reigns us all, across space and time. Praise be to the cats.

Zouj feat. Sahareya – Driving With My Eyes Closed
Director(s): Franz ImplerDE3 min.2022

The protagonist takes a ride through his VR glasses, ending up in a mess of various layers of (virtual) realities and fragments of vague memories. Music video for the song "Driving With My Eyes Closed" by Zouj feat. Sahareya.

Director(s): Yoann StehrBE3 min.2021

Human beings are pipes, with meat around them. Fill them up and watch, they always empty.

Harvey and The Zoons - Half As Sweet
Director(s): Zohar DvirDE2 min.2023

A Hot Dog stand worker falls in love with a vegan protester.

Heads Or Tales
Director(s): Lee Oz, Eliška OzCZ3 min.2022

We grow up together, live together, know each other. Only our siblings know the deepest secrets we are hiding inside.

Маріуполь. Сто ночей
Director(s): Sofiia MelnykUA7 min.2022

Mariupol. A Hundred Nights tells us a story of a little girl, who wakes up on February 24th because of the air alert and tries to find someone living in the burning city. The main character is based on the story of Alice, a 4 year girl, who stayed in the blocked Mariupol during that time.

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Film blockShort Films from Around the World
29. Jun
Short Films from Around the World 1
75 min.

A selection of films that just missed the cut for the main competition. The first block of Short Films from Around the World will feature a film about a scientist who discovered the secret of immortality, and a story about how to deal with a pet’s death. Batman in love, a man in a banana peel, the smell of beets, and a flock of herons - that's what this first block is all about.

Vom Duft der Roten Beete und den Menschen, die ewig leben
Director(s): Petra Stipetić, Maren WieseDE12 min.2023

A scientist discovers the key to immortality - by means of a special vegetable: beetroot! Those who surround themselves with its scent will live forever. Through the excessive use of the beet scent, an impenetrable magenta atmosphere soon envelops the entire planet. Immortality spreads like a virus: death is now not only avoidable, but impossible.

Director(s): Shiva Sadegh AsadiIR4 min.2022

A woman is stuck in a world of stains, spots and repetitive thoughts.

Dede is dead
Director(s): Philippe KastnerCZ8 min.2023

Death of a beloved pet is a difficult thing to deal with, and even though we try to prepare for it, it always seems to come too soon.

Director(s): Leo ČernicIT7 min.2023

It's not so easy to be a hero. But you, Pentola, you are my superhero.

Director(s): Hagar FaibishDE7 min.2022

While trying to purchase a key that promises escape from his dreary outside world and free his mind, the character loses touch with his outer world bit by bit and diffuses with a TV program.

Director(s): Anne Mirjam KraavEE8 min.2022

A dream or a reality of a young girl?

She's My Best Friend (and I Hate Her)
Director(s): Candy GuardUK4 min.2023

Two very old friends wait for each other outside a coffee shop. The longer they wait, the more annoyed they get, causing old resentments to play on their minds.

Director(s): Stan Roeland LievensBE5 min.2021

A man crawls out of a banana and explains how he found himself in that fruit. Meanwhile a fish is contemplating her own beauty. These two stories are observed and disected and cause a reaction that cracks the reality the observer is in.

Director(s): Wan-Ling LiuTW20 min.2022

Among the tall buildings of the city, the lonely guard hides a beautiful field that no one knows, and meets an egret there; but the expansion of the city never stops, one day the field is destroyed, the egret escapes without a trace, he begin to see mysterious illusions…

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Film blockInternational Competition of Short Animated Films
29. Jun
International Competition of Short Animated Films 2
75 min.

The best animated short films from around the world compete for the Anča Award. The second international competition block presents a story about slimy creatures that have to learn to share their juice, and a story about foxes that want to cheer up their queen. Long nails, beautiful figures, caves, and football also get a look in. The section contains films from both professionals and students.

Director(s): Youri Dimitri Kozma OrekhoffBE7 min.2021

Kind of an illegal sleepover, a clumsy burglary, two best friends and sharp nails.

Director(s): Vuk JevremovicHR5 min.2022

Three masters of football... They can perform wonders during the match and score impossible goals... But what happens in their heads when they are about to take penalty kicks?

Sliver Cave
Director(s): Caibei CaiCN14 min.2022

Stepping into a cave, the sight fluctuates by the firelight. Left to right, top to bottom. The same goes for the screen in front of you. It is a borderless tunnel, presenting domestication and desire.

La Reine des Renards
Director(s): Marina RossetCH9 min.2022

In the hopes of seeing their queen smile again, a group of foxes rummage through the city's trash, searching for all the love letters that were never sent.

A Goat's Spell
Director(s): Gerhard FunkDE9 min.2022

A Child and its day. A conquest before breakfast, a clueless goat next to the house, a couple of promising airplanes far up in the sky. Then things and events fall apart.

Director(s): Marta MagnuskaPL7 min.2022

The woman and the man are in a room, a gecko sits in a terrarium, several flies are circling a lamp. Gradually we find more and more dependencies and analogies between their activities and observed elements as the rhythm of their universes accelerates.

Director(s): Mona KeilDE5 min.2022

Meaty creatures must learn to share their juicy world with the pesky little bugs, before they run dry.

Beautiful Figures
Director(s): Soetkin VerstegenBE4 min.2022

Thoughts ripple over the pages of a personal notebook, kept during a stay at different science labs in Zürich. They float from one to another, like a mind map of unfinished ideas.

Ice Merchants
Director(s): João GonzalezPT15 min.2022

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

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Film blockThematic Sections
29. Jun
Studio Filmów Rysunkowych
57 min.

A selection of films from Studio Filmów Rysunkowych, a Polish animation studio with a rich history, located in Bielsko-Biała. The studio is famous not only for its films for children (e.g. Bolek and Lolek and Reksio), but also for its original films for adults. The section includes films about a rocket that can't take off, a funny reinterpretation of well-known fairy tales, as well as a seashell that will transport you to an idyllic past.

Director(s): Jan PetreszynPL6 min.1975

A ghostly figure of a man, like from a horror movie, wanders around a modern city. The character makes his way with clasped, veiny hands. In them, he hides a shell which takes him to the landscape of the idyllic past. The film is a metaphorical image of a man surrounded by civilization. The hustle and bustle, noise and crackling become unbearable

Fairy Tales
Director(s): Maciej AlbrechtPL8 min.1981

An amusing reinterpretation of well-known fairy tales, this time for adult viewers. We can spot there references to such fairy tales as ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ ‘Snow White,’ or ‘Hansel and Gretel.’ However, good old characters are presented in a brand new, often contemporary and amusing, interpretation.

Director(s): Marian CholerekPL10 min.1974

The development of tehnology makes life easier. But what if technology develops so much that it starts thinking for itself and takes over people? This movie shows human flaws and weaknesses in a futuristic world of robots and machines.

The Curse
Director(s): Piotr KabatPL8 min.2020

The Curse is a cartoon telling a twisted tale of two creatures living in two seemingly unrelated realities. Their actions influence each other's worlds more than they could ever imagine.

The Message
Director(s): Aleksandra Magnuszewska-OczkoPL4 min.2004

People are surrounded by information from all sides. Is there a real world behind the avalanche of information? This film is a poetic reflection on the influence of the media on the recipient's consciousness.

The Banner
Director(s): Mirosław KijowiczPL7 min.1965

The characters are coming to the square and preparing for the march. However, one person is missing. It comes late and is definitely different from the others.

Have you ever been in warm countries?
Director(s): Jan PetreszynPL6 min.1973

The animation shows a wandering man with a donkey. The road leads past a statue of a beautiful woman, which turns out to be the man's undoing.

Director(s): Alfred LedwigPL8 min.1968

Allegorical story for adults. It depicts gathered people watching the launch of a rocket. Unfortunately, the rocket cannot take off. Will society be able to repair it and prepare it for flight?

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Film blockContemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation
29. Jun
Contemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation
49 min.

Abstract animation emphasizes rhythm, movement and composition, strictly rejects narration, and offers a unique audiovisual experience. The following selection will offer an up-to-date overview of non-narrative and experimental animated films. For example, a film about two abstract energies falling in love, a film inspired by Joyce's Ulysses, and a playful documentary using real satellite images.

Director(s): Sam3GR4 min.2023

The Planet is being tyrannized by the human race, but nature begins a dialogue that gradually increases in intensity. Mini documentary using real satellite photographs available on Google Hearth.

Director(s): Tsz-wing HoHK3 min.2021

& MORE draws from the architecture of the M+ museum of Hong Kong. Our film challenges the definition of a museum by looking at it as an object itself. Through a geometric play of shapes and forms in the M+ building, we explore what underpins our material world.

perf dance
Director(s): Steven WoloshenCA3 min.2023

A physical dance with darkness and light - a dark choreography with film.

Director(s): Francesco RossoEE4 min.2022

It’s feels like a vision of a pilgrimage gone south. Desperately looking for the gate in the forgotten lands where only military planes dare to fy.

Arrest in Flight
Director(s): Adrian FluryCH8 min.2021

This experiment in film sets the stage for a hitherto unseen magical life form. The film focuses on the non-obvious character of movement when transferred to an alien object thus endowed with the life derived from the movement’s true to life source.

RotAte Shika
Director(s): Sijia LuoJP4 min.2021

The eleventh episode ”Sirens” of the novel Ulysses by Irish author James Joyce, is readen by the voice of a machine. In this film, I used photographs I took before 2020 to imitate the sounds and voices described in the text. In the end, the dance of the manipulated body with animation comforted the anxious body that had locked itself in a room.

Director(s): Richard Roger ReevesCA4 min.2022

This film expresses a symbiotic interplay between two cosmic energies contrasting the intersection of reality and self expression. A film without words. No musical instruments or camera used.

Director(s): Yujie XuCN5 min.2022

From the primitive touch to a ‘twist, press, click’—— Piles of images generate and decay into the soil, they are the real flesh, also the intangible memory.

Overlapping Universe
Director(s): Seyoung OkKR4 min.2022

The alienated objects collected in everyday life overlap inside each acrylic box and begin to move.

Director(s): Sophia BazelgetteEE6 min.2022

Employing the use of a copy machine to degrade images and video from her personal archive, the filmmaker takes viewers through fading recollections of the past. Memory is an unreliable reproduction - a copy of a copy.

Director(s): Ethann NéonBE4 min.2021

Each image represents a 24-hour scan taken every day from March 21 to June 21. Through the frame of a window, the landscape depicts natural phenomena: the flowering of trees, changes in the weather and the extension of daylight until the summer solstice...

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Film blockFocus
29. Jun
Utopias: World Ended – What Next?
70 min.

The world is over, have you noticed? You haven't? Because it’s the first thematic block of short animated films that focuses on this year's theme of utopia: exploring the nature of utopias in the context of our apocalyptic present. What is real, what is true, and what is “fake”? In this section you’ll see singing animals that feel an impending disaster, an upcycled story about a parsley girl, and one in which toys are limited by being toys. You can expect techno, an atomic bomb, and a lot of love. Part of the block is a pre-recorded interview with the programme director of Fest Anča Jakub Spevák and the festival director Ivana Sujová.

Something to Remember
Director(s): Niki Lindroth von BahrSE5 min.2019

A lullaby before the great disaster. Two pigeons visit a zoo without animals, a snail measures his blood pressure at the doctor, in the CERN laboratory something has gone terribly wrong. Six moments from our age, like memories of the world we leave behind.

Deep Love
Director(s): Mykyta LyskovUA14 min.2019

Deep Love has finally happened in Ukraine.

Made in China
Director(s): Vincent TsuiFR3 min.2015

The hopeless struggle of figurines fighting against their toy condition.

Love Is Just a Death Away
Director(s): Bára Anna StejskalováCZ11 min.2020

A tender story about finding love even amid utter decay.

Director(s): Nick SimpsonAU3 min.2021

The club offers up to you.

Days Off
Director(s): Filip BlažekCZ11 min.2018

Too close but too far?! Two neighbours in the noise of building work, the hum of television sets and hushed up feelings.

Parsley Girl
Director(s): Young mee RohKR8 min.2018

This short animation is only made of sources which are expired and are freed from copyright on the Internet. The Parsley girl was caught by witches; she killed all the witches and got married to handsome man eventually.

Director(s): Simon Bogojevic NarathHR15 min.2006

Jerky but smiling characters from this short film will take the audience through this animated pageant inspired by a book Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, written in 1651.

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Film block
29. Jun
Best of Fest Anča 2022
81 min.

Best of Fest Anča 2022 is a collection of award-winning short animated films from the previous edition of the Fest Anča International Animation Festival. The jury of international guests awarded prizes in four categories. The section includes the best of short animation, student films, music videos and films for children.

Director(s): Milen VitanovDE8 min.2020

Four polar rabbits discover a strange new creature and their lives will never be the same.

Zvuky spoza lúky
Director(s): Filip DiviakCZ14 min.2020

When the queen saw the face of the wandering musician, she had him thrown out of the city. Although the guards destroyed his musical instrument, he didn't lose his motivation to repair it.

Director(s): Andrea SzelesováCZ11 min.2021

The bigger sister - a girl of colossal size - is trapped in the sand in a desolate place. Unable to take care of herself, this burden falls on the shoulders of her resentful younger sister. Big sister, however, continues to grow and burrows deeper into the sand trap.

Elton John, Dua Lipa: Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
Director(s): Raman DjafariDE4 min.2021

Four friends at a surreal disco follow Elton John and Dua Lipa into a fantastical universe.

Coucou Tchoutchou
Director(s): Charlie MarsFR3 min.2021

"Coucou Tchoutchou" is EXACTLY like our world. Just check it out.

Crumbs of Life
Director(s): Katarzyna MiechowiczPL6 min.2020

An absurd adventure of three people who live in the same seaside town. Una lives a quiet life with her furry partner. The idyll is shattered when, for unknown reasons, she begins to feel a strange anxiety about her own leg.

Mom, What’s Up with the Dog?
Director(s): Lola LefevreFR7 min.2021

Gwen is a young girl who just turned 11. When she discovers her sexuality, she catches her dog laughing.

In My Chest of Fire There Is Still Place to Temple Your Dagger: A Love Story
Director(s): Pablo BallarínES24 min.2020

It's a story of a wrestler and a coach, and their unusual relationship

Director(s): Malte SteinDE4 min.2021

A man chased by a little weirdo gets to the brink.

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Accompanying event
29. Jun
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Feature Films
29. Jun
The Fantastic Planet
Director(s): René LalouxFR, CS72 min.1973

Slaves and masters dominate the narrative of the faraway world of Ygam. Set around the lifespan of Terr, a minute human shaped Om slave, and pet, of the giant blue alien Draags. Escaping into the wilderness and with a device used for intellectual advancement of the Draags, Terr finds refuge and support from fellow Oms and using the learning tool, he finds that knowledge is power and then sets to use the new found knowledge to revolt against the Draag masters...

This year marks the 50th anniversary of this Czechoslovak-French coproduction, which received the Special Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival. The film is brought to you in cooperation with the French Institute in Slovakia.

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Accompanying event
29. Jun
40 min.

Adela Mede is a Slovak-Hungarian musician and singer whose work explores themes of home and spiritual growth. She draws on a wide scope of influences and incorporates elements of minimalism, contemporary vocal techniques, and Eastern European folklore into her work. Trilingual singing, field recordings, experimental electronics, and vocal processing intertwine to create intimate, powerful compositions.

Adela Mede studied popular music at Goldsmiths University. Her debut album Szabadság received positive reviews in The Wire, The Quietus, Dazed, Full Moon magazine and Foxy Digitalis. In 2022 she toured across Europe, sharing stages with Claire Rousay and Grand River, presenting her work in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark.

Valeriia (CZ / UA)

Valeriia works on the intersection of moving image, scenography, light and sound. Her atmospheric site-specific productions immerse visitors into musical ideas of different artists, while also inviting collective interpretation.

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Accompanying eventNIGHT PROGRAM
29. Jun
360 min.

Enter all evening events on the night of purchase, concerts and screenings at the venue on Thursday. Tickets sale starts from 9:00PM in entrance to Nová Synagóga Žilina. Free Entrance for cinepass and accreditation holders.

21:30 – Adela Mede + Valeriia

22:30 – Dead Janitor presents Stroke

This event has already taken place
Accompanying event
29. Jun
40 min.

Dead Janitor is the project of Slovakia (Košice) born producer and sound-bender Branislav Findrik. The project fuses hypnotic polyrhythms of steel cold electronics and explores notions hidden in the dark matter of colliding industrial percussions. Sound surgery is the phrase which perhaps best describes Dead Janitor’s approach to complex melodic structures interwoven within oscillating sub-bass and eerie three-dimensional artifacts.

Dead Janitor has shared stages with the likes of Mouse On Mars, M.E.S.H., Gazelle Twin, Wraetlic, Grischa Lichtenberger, Ekoplekz, etc. His latest project Stroke is a stroboscopic meditation in an environment of physical, almost tangible noise textures.

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Film blockInternational Competition of Short Animated Films
30. Jun
International Competition of Short Animated Films 3
78 min.

The best animated short films from around the world compete for the Anča Award. The third international competition block is about what it's like to wear make-up for the first time in public, and how many plastic bags it takes to pack one banana. You’ll meet characters confronting their inner demons, and those searching for family roots. The section contains films from both professionals and students.

BLUSH – An Extraordinary Voyage
Director(s): Iiti Yli-HarjaFI15 min.2022

For 18-year-old Finnish–Kosovan Fatu, a simple visit to the grocery store feels as nerve-racking as a lunar expedition: for the first time in his life, he’s wearing makeup in public. Luckily his best friend Rai, a young woman on the spectrum of autism, is there to ferociously support him through the voyage.

Director(s): Katarzyna MiechowiczPL8 min.2022

If you are being bothered by intrusive thoughts, such as: How many plastic bags are optimal for packing one banana?; What ensures victory in the skeleton competition?; Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? Or Should I shower with my socks on? Will I face any consequences?--then - that's great! “Headprickles” will give you an answer to at least one of these questions. The film consists of over a dozen animated enigrams connected by the motif of being trapped in a loop of absurdity. In visually colorful labyrinth of observations, the protagonists try to make sense of nonsense - or they stay mindlessly in it. "Headprickles" probably won’t change the world, will not cause a shock or a revolution, but - maybe – it will make audience’s heads a little itchy during the projection?

The Debutante
Director(s): Elizabeth HobbsUK8 min.2022

A spirited young woman persuades a hyena from London Zoo to take her place at a dinner dance held in her honour. Their plan requires a surprising amount of artistry and violence. Based on a story by artist Leonora Carrington, Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates her startling tale with paint and collage.

The Mental Aethelet
Director(s): Wednesday KimUS6 min.2022

"The Mental Athlete" is Wednesday's new mental care project for everyone stuck at their home or office or home office. It is another series of work that deals with mental health. "The Mental Athlete" is based on a mixture of her personal experiences. It illustrates the relationship between mental health and cleaning and how exercise boosts the brain and improves mental health. A clean home and healthy body are the evidence of a state of mind.

Armat - Արմատ
Director(s): Elodie DermangeCH12 min.2021

Elodie tries to find out more about her family’s Armenian origins. She interviews her father, her uncle, her great aunt, and discovers a harsh history where violence and the inability to express love are passed down from generation to generation.

formats of failure
Director(s): Michi SchmidlAT5 min.2022

Without a nail or any other thing to hammer in you can not fail, but can not succeed neither. This digital performance circles around my fear of failing while at the same time having huge expectations.

Director(s): Balázs TuraiHU14 min.2022

After losing his fiancée and his good looks in a freak accident, Clyde must confront his inner demon.

Director(s): Hee-yoon HahmKR10 min.2022

Bukhansan Mountain grows in an earthquake in a normal daily life. Little by little, as fine cracks appear on the wall that divided the world of fantasy and reality, someone begins to notice the existence of an invisible world.

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Film blockShort Films from Around the World
30. Jun
Short Films from Around the World 2
75 min.

A selection of films that just missed the cut for the main competition. The second block of Short Films from Around the World will be about an adventurous mission to an eccentric island full of hermits, and the portrayal of women in cinematography. The selection includes an intimate bus journey, a nightmare about Siamese twins, and a nostalgic reminiscence of a time when television broadcasts ended shortly before midnight.

Ce qui bouge est vivant
Director(s): Noémie MarsilyBE11 min.2022

While slugs wander across the kitchen floor, Noémie draws up her self-portrait, shifting and fragmented, on the edge between the intimate and the hubbub of the world.

Zen for TV
Director(s): Aga Jarząb, Maciek BączykPL6 min.2022

Ambient piece ZEN for TV is a nostalgic reminiscence of the times when a TV broadcast could end for the day before our eyes. TV used to finish the transmission a few minutes after midnight. Then the screen turned black and white, filled with noise. With a little bit of imagination, in that noise one could see stone zen gardens, patiently raked by a silent monk. Gazing at the end of the TV programme was some sort of electronic meditation of the late 80s. The animated music video helps to grasp the concept of it.

Director(s): Joachim HérisséFR15 min.2022

In an old building, lost in the middle of the swamp, live two strange women, Siamese twins by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares in which she sees her sister's flesh covering her own body...

Director(s): Jin WooKR8 min.2022

Garisani - meaning: Perception to judge things. The newborn baby god goes around the underworld and starts a journey to escape from his destiny.

La mujer como imagen, el hombre como portador de la mirada
Director(s): Carlos VelandiaCO7 min.2022

Faces, bodies and actions are juxtaposed endlessly. Fragmented pieces of the woman come together and form the volume of what has been her image in the history of cinema; one marked by the routinary domination and exploitation of her body. A short film homage to Laura Mulvey and her contributions to feminist film theory.

Szemem sarka
Director(s): Domonkos ErhardtHU6 min.2022

The short-film depicts the moment when two strangers’ lives entangle for a brief second when their eyes meet.

Director(s): Viktorie ŠtěpánováCZ5 min.2023

Emotional wander. Emotions reflected in space and music. Music translated into colors, rhythm into editing. EO DE ME is an experimental visualization of music inspired by human changes in emotions.

Hermit Island
Director(s): Gábor MariaiHU17 min.2022

On her way back from a heroic mission, Cassi gets stranded on a mysterious island. She meets an eccentric hermit, and they set off to find her a new boat. The erratic depths of the island force Cassi to reevaluate her quest, while the hermit must face someone from his past.

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