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Dessert Dachshund
Dessert Dachshund

Director(s): Betina BożekPL7 min.2021
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Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age

The film “Dessert Dachshund” directed by Betina Bożek is an original and surreal story about a Dachshund, who, enclosed in a wedding cake, bodes for the happiness of the young couple. The joyful disposition of the dog gives the mood to the animation, which in light and humorous way tackles the universal and significant in the present-day problem of the superficiality and ritualism of the most important moments and decisions in life.

Projection of Dessert Dachshund at FEST ANČA 2023
Short Films from Around the World
2. Jul
Film block: Short Films from Around the World 4
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