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The Websters Movie
Websterovci vo filme

Director(s): Katarína KerekesováSK, CZ65 min.2022
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Accessibilitysuitable for all age groups of minors

It would seem that Lili Webster is a spider girl like any other. Along with her older brother, caring mom, understanding dad and vital grandparents, she lives in a cocoon above an elevator shaft, goes to school and likes to play with her friends. But Lili is unusually curious and adventurous, and so she gets into a bit of trouble from time to time. For example, when she's in charge of herding flies and they all fly away, or when she gets caught by an internet scammer. Both humorous and endearing, the stories are intertwined with unexpected adventure. In this family animated film, they explore the everyday joys and sorrows of childhood and show that the family is the strongest web.

Projection of The Websters Movie at FEST ANČA 2023
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