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Criss Cross
Krížom Krážom

Director(s): Nina Rybárová, Tomáš RybárSK8 min.2023
70%(10 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age

A short story about friendship and treason between a birdie, a baby goat and a fox. A baby goat helps an injured bird and they become friends. While wandering in the forest, they stick together through various adventures and have fun. Suddenly the goat ends up lonely and hurt. In between anger and sadness, there’s another attempt to build a friendship, this time between the goat and a fox. During a play, the baby goat gets stuck; and that’s when true friendship is tested.

Projection of Criss Cross at FEST ANČA 2023
Slovak Competition of Short Animated Films
1. Jul
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Film was already screened
30. Jun
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