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Director(s): Izabella RetkowskaPL4 min.2022
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Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age

The enigmatic images, spaces, shapeless, indistinct. Digital nomads. You can't see their faces, only their avatars. Their bodies travel in the real world and their minds travel in digital space. Shape, texture, light and dark all change over time. The nomads are constantly heading to places that are only temporary stops. The journey is the essence. The sound background is a chaotic noise in which human voices, chants and melodies merge when there are too many of them to distinguish one from the other. It multiplies pulsating like thousands of nomads in a constant journey, from the beginning of humanity. It highlights and defines the image.

Projection of NOMADS at FEST ANČA 2023
Anča in Mordor
1. Jul
Film was already screened
Film was already screened